September 11

The primary reason that I teach strategy is to help people make better decisions and to help them understand that they chart the course of their own lives. However, our freedom over our own lives is predicated on freedom. War is but a tool. People can fight to free others but they can also fight to enslave others. The economy is a beautiful alternative to war: allowing people to compete with one another in a productive rather than a destructive way. Unfortunately, some people don't see economic choice as freedom. Indeed, they see themselves as "enslaved" because they are are not given the power to dictate the choices that others should make. To quote Osama Bin Laden himself:
If their [America's] economy is destroyed, they will be busy with their own affairs rather than enslaving the weak peoples.
Bin Laden, of course, defines "weak people" as those who choose to follow the American Dream both for themselves and their children rather than submit, not to God, but to the rule of those like Bin Laden. How does the "American Empire" enslave people? By offering them the ability to buy levis, hamburgers, Hollywood movies, and Google? No matter how much I hate Hollywood movies, it is important that people have the choice about whether or not they want to watch them. Though wars for freedom have been fought since the dawn of human history, no country has won more freedom for more people in history than America. America has not only won freedom for people on the battle field, but by teaching people that more can be won by competing to solve people needs than by trying to enslave people.