The Media Gets It Right!

We have been critical of the media's understanding of strategic positioning in both the political race and the war on terror. However, this article from the AP News gets it exactly right. The release of the 9/11 Commission Report created a potential opening for the Democratic nominee to attack the president. The president acted quickly to prevent those attacks. Now Kerry is left with one less avenue of easy attack. Kerry is left with saying Bush should have done more like call for a special session of Congress.
One of Kerry's weaknesses is that he see openings for attack where there are none. He attacks every Bush action as either too much, too little, too soon, or too late (like a train whistle: too-too-too-too). This universal attack is extremely weak since it violates Sun Tzu's basic rule of focus. By attacking everywhere, Kerry is strong nowhere. The more this "train whistle" attack is used, the weaker it becomes. People are not stupid. They know that any action can be criticized in exactly this way, and that, though the value of acting differently can be claimed, it can never be proven.