The Freedom to Decide

Each strategic position is unique: you are the only one who can decide which moves work from your position. Free societies have created unparalleled success and prosperity because individuals were not just permitted but actually forced to make decisions for themselves. We have no "masters" that we can turn to who can rightfully decide for us. The freedom to choose is both a right and a responsibility. At Classical Values, Eric notes that the danger to freedom today is not the government taking our freedoms away, but our desire to surrended decision-making to the government. Much of this fear is the fear of getting sued by a lawyer class that see every free decision as creating a potential victim who can get monetarily rewarded by a jury at someone's expense. Eric uses the fear of banks to set dress codes for their customers as an example:
I'm not blaming the banks for wanting a legal solution. My complaint is with a society that has become so paralyzed that individuals and businesses are increasingly unable take any individual initiative. It leads to grotesque big brotherism, and I think the rise of the nanny state is directly related to the mentality that only the government can prohibit anything. What this means is more silly and crazy laws. ("Children are free to use the "n" word! The government must get involved!") Does this mean I am in favor of some "freedom" to wear hats and sunglasses in banks? Absolutely not. I don't think this is a question of freedom, as I think banks should be allowed to ask customers wearing sunglasses and hats to take them off or leave. If anything is a question of freedom, it is the right of banks to decide with whom they do business, and how. But that is a freedom they have lost. That's what's being missed. Banks are not allowed to have dress codes. It is not so much a question of what is forbidden and what is permitted so much as it is a question of who gets to decide. Increasingly, only the government gets to decide. It might be a minor point, but I'd rather have the banks decide what their customers should wear.
Why is it better if banks decide? Because YOU get to decide which bank you with which you do business. In other words, customers have direct control over business than they do not have over the government. When the only the