Making the Claim: Alternative Viewpoints

Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that the subjective view of a situation is more important in terms of people's decisions than the objective situation. However, subjective viewpoints must be confirmed by their predictions of the future. A single viewpoint where no alternative views are allowed is a self-fullfilling prophecy. All the decisions make the subjective reality real. Only alternative viewpoints allow different, possible futures. This is why any student of strategy must seek alternative views. A single "concensus" view is nothing but blinders leading us down a single path. For example, one reason Iraq didn't turn into Vietnam was that today there are alternative media: blogs, radio, and Fox News, where people can go to get an alternative subjective viewpoint. With the choice of two narratives (MSM: "the war is hopeless" versus AltMedia: "we must find a way to win it"), failure was never a self-fulfilling prophecy. Followup on my earlier post about the problems claiming victory in Iraq. This agreement seems to formalize the victory, but if a tree falls in the forrest with no one to hear it, does it make a sound? Fortunately, one difference between Iraq and Vietnam is that there is the AltMedia that gets the news out.