The Quality of Ideas

Sun Tzu taught that ideas are the key to survival and destruction. However, in a wealthy society, such as ours, survival is easy. The result is that many ideas that are inherently self-destructive are allowed to thrive simply because they are entertaining. Unfortunately, more and more people are believing these silly ideas, not because they conform with real life but because they conform with the fictional world of movies and television. In stragegy, all cycles that reverse themselves. Here we can see an example: our prosperity is sewing the seeds of our own destruction by spreading ideas that are not beneficial to our survival. Most people recognized crazy ideas when they hear them because they have experience with life. However, many young people do not. For their benefit, I have put together a little web-site, called "The Kool-Aid Test," which offers eight simple tests, drawn from Sun Tzu's strategy, that allow you to identify those who are drinking the Kool-aid and preaching self-destructive ideas at You can also vote on which groups you think have been drinking the most Kool-aid.