Difficult Choices

A member of the Strategy School writes:
I can not help thinking that whatever direction I choose to take, it has to lead to some larger long term reward. I feel absolutely surrounded and overwhelmed by opportunity. But I feel that I’m searching for “the” route to the land of megabucks...Maybe I should focus on making lots of small decisions and like you say the big ones will fall into place.
The goal of “megabucks” is no goal at all because, as you have found, doing ANYTHING of value well enough can generate money. So a move in any direction takes you toward your “goal” AND away from your “goal” at the same time. You end up frozen like you are now. The question is never, “What makes money.” The question is always, “What openings are nearby that allow you to leverage your skills in the most valuable way?” You can only answer that question by experimenting, testing openings, seeing what generates the most value, doing more of what generates the most value. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of generating more and more of a specific type of value for a specific type of person with a very specific need. This is indeed the lesson of focus. You do more by doing less.