The Dynamics of Positioning

The most common strategic mistake is thinking of positions as fixed rather than dynamic. All positions are path, not a point, and that path is affected by everything that happens. Thinking of positions as fixed is most common mistake among politicians. Right now, for example, many are calling the race between Hillary and Obama decided. But, under the surface, positions are changing, first from Obama's pastor scandal then from Hillary's sniper blunder. However, as more and more Democrats see videos like this and this , more will realize Obama's position in the general election is untenable not matter what Hillary's problems. Expect Hillary to win big in remaining primaries and get her fight over Michigan and Florida. However, as Hillary herself is suffering from self-inflicted wounds, it becomes easier and easier to predict a McCain victory, but, of course, being a politician, he can alway manage his own self-inflicted wound. Less government makes more and more sense in light of the people who we choose to run it.