Dynamic Positioning versus Sticking to the Plan: The Iraq Army

The mist common strategic mistake is confusing dynamic positioning with planning. Sun Tzu's strategy is the fluid response to the immediate situation, not the execution of predetermined steps. The unpredictability of the environment is the real enemy. Military leaders have to be the first to understand this. For example, the Iraqi military is becoming effective today primarily for one reason: they are learning to respond to the situation instead of fearfully following orders. In the words of INSTAPUNDIT'S IRAQ CORRESPONDENT, Major John Tammes:
What I have seen in the area of Iraq I have been working is an Iraqi Army that is showing that it can adapt and improve. This is a major step forward for them, if you consider their previous Army's showings against the Iranians and us. They were inflexible, repeated mistakes and feared reprisals for even suggesting a change.