Advancing Positions: McCain's To-Do List

Once we understand the relative weaknesses of our position, we need to address its weaknesses. In comparing the five dimensions of a position, complete domination in one or two areas is less powerful than a slightly dominant position in three or more areas, and subjective impressions of positions are easier to change that their physical attributes. For example, McCain is currently losing to Obama despite his overwhelming lead in character and strong advantage in ground because he lags in philosophy, climate, and methods. To win the election he needs to defend in his current areas he holds (not attack) and move forward in the three areas that he lags. To simplify what he needs to do: 1. Philosophy: Clarify his mission and tie every other element to it. He seemed to be sounding a "REFORM" message (as opposed to "change") last night, but did it so poorly that it was hard to tell. Only rule here is that it has to be a desire that clear and simple that most people share. 2. Climate: You can sail against the winds if you know how. The antipathy to Congress is greater than against the president and Republicans. Run against the government in general as politicians and corruptocrats. Blame politicians for SPECIFIC special interested decisions such as blocking oil drilling resulting in SPECIFIC effects like high gas costs. Voting for farm subsidies creating higher food costs. Use "chickens come home to roost" line. Admit you've been wrong in going along with some of this. 3. Methods: a. Fire entire staff. Any staff that arranges a fiasco such as his speech last night deserves it. It was excellently timed to get coverage but so terribly executed in terms of setting, audience, and speech writing that the coverage actually hurt McCain making Obama look brilliant by comparison. b. Hire replacement staff from the conservative media, which has done as well as the Republican party has done poorly, (and hire me to help with strategy). c. Contrast methods with Obama's. Give ONLY SHORT SPEECHES and SHORT answers to contrast with Obama's long ones. Use only DIRECT words and contrast with Obama's evasive ones. Be SPECIFIC and contrast with Obama's generalities. Look humble, approachable, and SLIGHTLY amused to contrast with Obama's proud, elegant, and condescendingly demeanor.