The Pace of Change as a Business and Political Weapon

Climate is the strategic factor that Sun Tzu associates with change, but change itself can change, for example, technology has rapidly increased the pace of change over the last few decades. This increase in the pace of change is one of the key reasons why people need to better understand the principles of Sun Tzu so they can make better decisions faster. Businesses who want to leverage the increasing pace of change against their opponents should be promoting Sun Tzu's ideas about adaptability to their customers. This increase in the pace of change also creates a political opportunity for the Republicans despite a climate that is generally against them. They can leverage Obama’s “change” philosophy by contrasting it with the Democrats' real position of continuing the government history of prohibitions, regulations, and restrictions that are increasingly instantly outdated by technological advances. For example, clean nuclear, ecologically-safe drilling, clean coal , and flex-fuel technology have solved most of the problems the created the restrictions that the Democrats want to maintain on energy production and consumption. While the Republicans badly damaged their brand by growing government dramatically and its big business patronage during the Bush years, McCain and like-minded Republicans can admit that this was a disastrous policy in an era where the pace of change requires less government and the adaptability of newer, smaller business in the free market.