Kerry's Strategy Revisited

Wanting so badly to beat Bush, the Democrats have made a serious strategic error in nominating Kerry after he failed to develop a viable strategic position. In his acceptance speech, instead of developing a strategy (that is, a coherent philosophy leveraging current trends and identifying key battlegrounds and leadership characteristics that unite a campaign) Kerry instead chose to make impossible campaign promises. These promises included miraculous scientific advances from curing diabetes and AIDs to developing alternative sources of energy for oil independence. Obvious economic impossibilities were offered such as reducing the profits in medical care while increasing the supply. He solves the manpower shortage in the military by increasing force size by 2%. The media lauds the optimistic tone of his speech but since when is the belief in magic a form of optimism? 96% of the Democrats at the convention (according to Gallup) were against the War in Iraq, but they applauded Kerry's tough stance on Iraq not because they believe him but because they knew that this promise was as much pie in the sky as the rest of the speech.