Signs in the Environment: Is Hillary the VP Choice?

As everyone knows, misleading opponents and keeping secrets is a big part of Sun Tzu's Sun Tzu's strategy. Since we cannot trust what opponents say or even do, we have to interpret signs. Chapter Nine of Sun Tzu's work examines this method in detail listing an observation followed by what it means. In section 5, line 37, its says:
"Your enemy offers too many incentives to his men. He is in trouble."
If we look at the presidential race right now, where do we see Obama offering incentives? Many have written about how the Clintons have taken over the convention, but this is more of a sign that Obama has given into the Clintons to convince Hillary to join the ticket. I now expect Hillary to be his VP choice, and Hillary will definitely help Obama bring his party together. (And if not Hilllary, another woman, Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of Kansas). In either case, this is not a sign of strength on the part of Obama, but a sign that he is in trouble. He needs to do something surprising to change momentum. If nothing else, he wants to change the discussion away from the pitfalls he faces and onto his VP pick.