Adaptive Behavior: The McCain Campaign and Response Time

Sun Tzu's strategy teaches adaptive thinking: the ability to quickly learn from a situation, especially from your mistakes. The people and organizations that learn the fastest and repeat the fewest errors is always going to be the most successful. For example, one of my criticisms of the McCain campaign has been its poor response time, but that has apparently changed. No sooner did the Obama campaign start making an issue of McCain not knowing how many houses his family owned than McCain turn the issue around to bring up Obama's house and its connection to Rezco. Both in its speed and ability to adapt an attack to the issue at hand, I am reminded of Sun Tzu's quote about the speed and adaptability of the mountain snake:
You must develop these instant reflexes. Act like an ordinary mountain snake. If people strike your head then stop them with your tail. If they strike your tail then stop them with your head. If they strike your middle then use both your head and tail.