Good Methods and Bad: The Announcement of Biden as VP

Adaptive strategy teaches that competition isn't predictable because every contest hinges on the decisions made along the way. The question is always who adapts to the imbalances of strengths and weakness the most quickly. Of all the five factors, the easiest place to correct a weakness is in methods. For example, at the beginning of the presidential race, Obama's biggest advantage was in the dimension of methods. He was a great speaker but more importantly his campaign was effective and efficient in many areas: picking venues, using the internet, raising money, and especially its fast reaction time. McCain's campaign, in contrast, was slow and dumb. The biggest change in the campaign has been McCain's improvement in methods and Ohama's decline. The VP announcement (which I predicted incorrectly) is the latest example. Obama's campaign's idea to make the announcement through text was brilliant long-term for building a contact list, but the execution was worse than terrible. Not only did the news come out in the AP hours before the email, and then the call was made in the middle of the night, waking people up with the news at 3AM. Not very smart. Especially since this gave the McCain campaign time to get a commercial out BEFORE the morning news cycle showing Biden criticizing Obama's lack of experience and praising McCain. Nothing surprising in the commercial, but do to the poor timing of Obama's campaign, that commercial was shown with the breaking VP news.