Countermoves: A Female VP for McCain

The "first mover" has a strategic advantage as long as the move forces an opponent to do something in your advantage. When a first move is easily counter by a move that develops the opposition's position, it is wasted. For example, in the presidential election, Obama had one move that could not be countered: picking Hillary as VP. The choice of Biden, however, does little except for make up for Obama's lack of experience in foreign affairs. This leaves McCain a "free move." Since Obama has left his flank open in the female demographic, as I have suggested before, McCain should definitely pick a woman. However, since McCain has pulled even in the polls and already has the momentum, he needs less of a surprise like Sarah Palin than he does a direct claim to older women. Dick Morris makes the brilliant suggestion Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the experienced Senator from Texas. She is mature, experienced, articulate, and feminine. I suspect she could handle Biden in the debates effortlessly.