Campaign Positions: The Potential for a McCain Landslide

We wrote about Sun Tzu's The Art of War nine common strategic campaign positions here, but you should understand how Sun Tzu lays out these positions in a logical order where one connect logically to the next. Success is all about making the right choices given your positioning, getting to the best ground. For example, in McCain is on “intersecting” terrain, which means that he has the opportunity to solidify alliances. If he makes the right alliances, he can get to “open” terrain and win in a landslide. However, if he makes alliances that alienate his Republican base, he will move to “dangerous” terrain where he is cut off from his base of financial support. Obama is on “bad” terrain, which means there are a lot of pitfalls that he must avoid such as his past associations (Ayers, Wright, Rezco, etc.), his abortion history, the successful surge in Iraq, drilling for oil, gay marriage, and so on. If he repudiates some past positions, he gets into dangerous terrain where he alienates his financial base but from where he can get to intersecting terrain and, with the right alliances, to open terrain. His only other immediate option is getting to “limiting” terrain, where he concentrates all his resources on a single opening that McCain leaves him and sneaks through to election via "do-or-die" terrain, but this only works McCain is too slow in responding to his move. As we have noticed in a couple of recent posts (here and here, McCain campaign has been responding very quickly recently.