Sharpening Positions: Sloppy Positioning By McCain

Positions are clarified or muddied by the words we choose to describe them. You should work on positioning statements over and over until they work effortlessly. The words used to describe values and philosophy are especially critical. For example, on one of Sunday morning new shows McCain said, in describing his reform positions that, "America needs to changing." This is terrible positioning because it feeds his opponent's values. What he should be saying is, "America doesn't need changing. Washington D.C. needs fixing." And instead of leaving this as a vague attack, McCain should sharpen this by talking about the different between talkers and doers. People in government in DC are great talkers, but they do little. McCain should say that he is considered a Maverick simply because he likes to do things instead of talking, a habit he acquired in military service. One of the great advantages of having Palin on the ticket is that she is clearly a doer as well, even more so than McCain. What experience does Obama have other than talking? Even though Biden has been in the Senate for over 30 years, what has he done except talk?