Claiming an Enemy Position: The McCain Change Message

A basic principle of strategy is that you cannot hope to win a strongly defended position from your opponent. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot win an opponent's position. People too often choose positions that cannot be defended, which is why "aiming" requires choosing positions that can be defended easily. The most dramatic example of this has been the ability of McCain to claim the "change" message from Obama. I was completely wrong a few days ago in criticizing his attempt to do this. Actions speak louder than words. In choosing Palin as VP, McCain has reclaimed his maverick, outsider image. He separated himself from Bush by openly attacking the failure of the Republicans in DC. This shift was set up by Obama's pick of Biden, a DC insider. McCain can now confidently run ads like this connecting Obama with failed Congressional policies when Congress even less popular than Bush. My mistake was in thinking that Obama's change position was secure after his investing so much in it. But reality always trumps perception. Having built up the prerception of the importance of change, Obama needed to do something to demonstrate it. His pick of Biden and inability to adapt his message after Palin's pick has demonstrated his inability to change. Have had his central position captured he can still come back but not by continuing to do what he has done in the same way. He needs his own surprise to change the momentum here. Kicking off Biden and taking Hillary?