Doers Versus Talkers: An Unexplored Obama Weakness

Sun Tzu's adaptive response strategy (STARS) has a built in prejudice toward action. Actions are used more than word to evaluate positions. The progress cycle for advancing a position cannot be completed with taking action. One of our continuing topics on this blogs is how American culture is too dominated by talkers in media and politics rather than doers in business and government. Never has this been more clear than in the current presidential race. Obama and Biden are talkers while McCain and especially Palin have been doers. In a recent FOX News Poll, 49% see Obama as talker (versus 34% as a doer) and 54% see McCain as a doer (verss 30% as a talker). Since it reinforced beliefs that people already have, McCain should explicitly emphasize this difference in his claiming the "change" title: those who talk about change versus those do change.