Act While Others Are Planning: Preventing a Hillary Surprise

Sun Tzu teaches that the best time to move into new territory is while others are still thinking about it.  By seizing a position early, you control what others can and cannot do. The same is true when your "move" is simply suggesting what they should do.  Psychologically, opponents will usually refuse to do what you suggest because most would rather be wrong that prove you right. For example, in looking at the presidential race, I suggested at the end of this post that Obama might consider bringing Hillary back (though, at this point, I don't see why she would want to come back). I see now that others are analyzing this move as a potential October surprise. If McCain wanted to prevent this surprise and the risk of changing the momentum in the race, all he needs to do is move first. If McCain's campaign uses the recent Biden quote as a launching point to suggest that Obama SHOULD get Hillary as a VP, the Obama campaign would be PREVENTED from getting Hillary because it would prove McCain right.