Over-Reaction to Attack: the Obama Campaign

In Sun Tzu's adaptive response strategy, the one big no-no in the face of adversity is to over-react. The system is about knowing exactly how to respond. If you don't know how to respond, it is better to do as little as necessary. If you panic, you do the wrong things and leave more openings for your opponents. We can see how this works now in the Obama campaign where they are still reeling for the convention/Palin setbacks. Frantically looking for traction, their latest commercial attacks McCain for not using a computer for email. This commercial says this is because he is "out of touch like Bush". However, the real reason he can't use a computer is because of his war injuries. He can't even tie his shoes or comb his hair, much less type email on a computer. There is more here at Instapundit. Aside from the attack alienating older voters, it leaves a big opening for McCain to counter with another attack on Obama's "new type of politics" with quotes about how "focusing on the issues". We will see if McCain takes advantage of it.