Roe vs. Wade and The Balance of All Things

In my last post, I discussed the concept of quan (completeness) in Sun Tzu where opposite but complementary forces balance and complete each other. How does this apply to abortion? A post by Tarantino points out that liberalized abortion laws have (probably) affected the number of liberals alive today. Those who think abortion is okay are more likely to have less children while those who have oppose abortion are more likely to have more children. Initially, the effects of this seem unimportant, but over time, fewer children are born to liberal parents (to say nothing of gay parents). Over time, the pro-choice crowd breeds itself out of existence.
This all fits beautifully into Sun Tzu’s system. One of Sun Tzu’s key factors is heaven. Heaven stands for trends over time, the power of the divine, and all the stuff that we cannot control. Its opposite is the ground or earth (di). We can choose our ground (such as being pro-abortion), but the ground is intimately connected with its complementary opposite, heaven. We have to accept the uncontrollable climate (divine effects) that comes with the patch of ground we choose. Choices are usually made for reasons of immediate gratification, but in teaching about heaven, Sun Tzu wants us to consider the long-term hevenly trends that come with that choice. Liberals, by giving themselves the selfish luxury of terminating pregnancies, have condemned themselves to dwindling numbers over time.
This is not only an observation about abortion. If affects all cultures that become selfish. Both Europe and America have turned against the burden of having children. Their people are dying out. Population growth in the first world comes from poor immigrant populations who are not nearly so selfish. The meek shall inherent the earth.