It's All Greek to Me: Homeostasis versus Heterosis

A bit of rambling about language and truth: earlier, I posted an article about gay “marriage” and how it defeats the purpose of true marriage, which is heterosis, the union of two different things to make something stronger. This idea lead me to a number of thoughts about how seeking “the other” (hetero in Greek) leads to progress, satisfaction, and a more complete life while seeking “the same” (homo in Greek) leads to stagnation, unhappiness, and a less-satisfying life.
In bing-fa, Sun Tzu proposes two heterotic relationships underlying all success: the union between jiang (the commander) and fa (his methods) and the union between heaven (tian) and earth (di). As a decision maker, the individual commander (jiang) needs others people and their know-how (fa) to make his plans into reality. Without a decision-maker, an organization is useless. Together, they can make something happen. Similarly, the earthy di (physical, limited, controllable, space) is bound to the heavenly tian (spiritual, limitless, uncontrollable, time). Without the favor of heaven, the earthly can make no progress. Without earth, the heavenly can have no substance. This inherent dynamic between two complementary opposites creates the yearning of a man for a woman, of an organization for a leader, of the earthly for the eternal and vice versa. Neither part is complete in itself. Each develops naturally in its seeking the other.
What is the opposite of the progress of heterosis? The concept is homeostasis, the static of sameness (both homo and homeo mean "the same"). Homeostasis means both the condition of balance and the resistance to change. It is the opposite of dynamic, unbalanced progress created by Sun Tzu heterotic principles. In marriage (heterosis), these dynamics of progress are built-in. Single people join with the opposite sex. This results in children, families, and continuous change, a society full of life in its turbulence, abundance, confusion, and diversity. Sun Tzu would describe this as the union of the earthly control with unpredictable heaven, body and spirit combined.
Is “gay” marriage part of a desire for the homeostatic, the safety and predictability of sameness? Do people want life to be easy, controllable and predictable? Are they more dead than alive? In general, people are having fewer children. They are becoming more materialistic and less spiritual. People want leaders (celebrities) without organizations and organizations without hierarchies. The dynamics of material progress, where the poor can become rich and the rich can become poor, are no longer celebrated, but denied. For a nation or a culture, homeostasis is the path to stagnation and oblivion. Heterosis, the combination of complementary opposites, it the source of strength and progress.