Action Not Words

On a radio interview today, I was discussing Sun Tzu's concept of using positioning, rather than conflict, to find success in competitive situations. After awhile the interviewer asked, "So what you are saying is that you have to sit down with people and negotiate with them, discuss your conflicts." "No," I responded. "Talk is useless. This is about action." At that point I realized that, because we are so exposed to chatter in the media, that people have come to think that challenges can be resolved by talk. They can't be. Situations are only resolved by action. Sun Tzu teaches four steps in to advancing your position. First is gathering information, during which talk is necessary. Next is finding an opportunity, which is an personal act of vision. Third is action, that is, moving and executing to take advantage of that opportunity. Finally, you take reap the rewards of you new position. Without the action, you never get to the rewards. People who talk, talk, talk never get anywhere. Agreements don't resolve anything. Changing behavior and proving yourself to others changes your situation.