Answering a Gay Marriage Proponent's Answer to Bush's Speech

One of the biggest problems that people have thinking strategically is personal myopia. They cannot see their opportunities because they are so focused on defending what they perceive as their interests. They are so focused on attacking those they see as their enemies that they cannot understand the opposing position. The popular blogger, Andrew Sullivan, a vocal gay-marriage proponent, recommends a recent article by Jonathan Rauch that addresses Bush's speech supporting a constitutional gay marriage ban. As someone who studies language and strategy, I am always stunned by the hollowness what some people see as logical when their logic comes largely from how they choose to use words. Their arguments can never convince their opponents because their choose to use the language differently. I have not included the whole article and my response here, because it is long doesn't specifically serve the purpose of this blog, which is teaching strategy, but you can access it through this posting's title or this link.