Bush's Use of 9/11 in Advertising: Preparing Instant Response

Sun Tzu teaches us to be prepared for an instant reaction to likely attacks. He compares this to striking back like a snake, explaining that it requires flexibility, preparation, and instant reflexes. Reaction speed requires both foreseeing likely attacks and preparing responses. This is especially true in politics with modern media who runs with a story until the story changes.
A good example was the recent, attack by the Democrats on Bush for using images from 9/11. Clearly, Democrats planned this attack a head of time, knowing references to 9/11 in political advertising was coming. Even better, they planned it through the press (what Sun Tzu calls a "fire attack"). It was ready once 9/11 was inevitably used in a Bush ad. It should have been just as foreseeable on the Bush side that Democrats would make this attack--after all, they have said they would--and been ready with a strong response. This was a tremendous opportunity for Bush and he missed it. He should have had another advertisement ready to respond, for example, with the theme, "they want you to forget..." explaining how the Democratic attack was an effort to take the 9/11 out of the presidential election debate. It would have been a great opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of the war on terrorism (the ad could have been filled with terrorist images and everything ignored by the Democrats). More importantly, it would have taught the Democrats a lesson that Bush has tried to teach the terrorists: that Bush is prepared and ready to strike back. A recent article in the Weekly Standard discusses the Bush's campaigns timidity in more detail. It almost seems that they are willing to accept the Democratic and press's view of things, which could be their Achilles' heel.