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Work/Life Balance (homeostasis)

I never really understood the "work/life" balance agenda. I assume it relates more to homeostasis than actual balance. If this is true, then by definition it simply means to self-regulate in a way that keeps conditions uniform. It would be like a life thermostat.A thermostate keeps your house the same tempurature inside no matter what's going on outside. Therefore, work/life balance should assure that your standard of living (whatever that means to you) stays the same regardless of the changing climate (Sun Tzu's "heaven").

Strategy can make you taller, faster, smarter, and more beautiful!

Sun Tzu constantly discusses the reality of comparison. Nothing is "good" or "bad," in itself. Things are good or bad in comparison to something else. You are "tall" because others are "short." If you want to appear tall, stand next to people that are shorter than you. Movies use this trick all the time. Tom Cruise is very short yet appears tall on screen because of tricks in photography and putting him in taller shoes and on platforms. He appears tall on screen because we compare him to those around him.


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