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Article on Adaptability workshop Innovative training methods mold next generation leaders Lt. Col. Kris Ellis 442nd Signal Battalion September 12, 2008 A seminar recently met, breaking into working groups, talking through scenarios; but there were no agendas, no established break times and really no boundries or guidance given. The instructor didn't even introduce himself. The students could just let their thoughts run. Could freeing up the training environment help leaders learn how to make decisions fast?

Predictions for 2009-Require major leadership!

Predictation for the New Year My predictions, (1) A hail of pink slips. The unusual number of layoff announcements during the December holidays foreshadowed the main event, as most businesses seek to reduce headcount by 5% - 10% — and seriously affected businesses do much more. Like retail, as they close their marginal stores. (2) Retail bankruptcies. The extraordinary number of retail bankruptcies during the Christmas shopping season foreshadows the tsunami hitting in the first few months of 2009.
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