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The Elements are Actors in Sun Tzu's System

I am not getting the opportunity to do many new posts on Sun Tzu because of the campaign (see for posts on politics and Sun Tzu), but recent communication with one of our members, Shane (wafukiwi), started me thinking about the role of the five elements in Sun Tzu's system. 

I normally talk about the five elements (mission, climate, ground, command, and methods) as a system giving us a complete perspective on strategic systems. However, they are much more than that.

Conscious Decisions and the Tools of Sun Tzu

A SOSI Member writes asking about how our decisions in challenging situation relate to the "unconscious" mind, an idea that we cover in the series of public articles starting here though his question came from studying a specific set of Sun Tzu's Rules. ([node:content/151-command-leadership link]).

This topic is somewhat philosophical, but many may find it interesting. Below are the specific questions that I was asked and my responses.

Ann Quindlen and the Failure of the Mainstream Media

A recent column by Ann Quindlen called "Follow the Leader" seems a great illustration of why the mainstream media is going bankrupt. Quindlen has written a long time for Newsweek, a dinosaur that is on its last legs. Her thesis here is that America's unhappiness with Obama arises because we are too confused to understand complex issues. Her writing then goes on to demonstrate that Ms. Quindlen is too confused to understand the simplest issues.


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