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Connecting the Dots On Unemployment: Making Matters Worse Instead of Better (Updated with Video)

The test of our understanding of climate and the effect of our decisions is our predictions. With that in mind, I refer you all to the great series at Innocent Bystanders comparing current unemployment to the government's predictions. The relevant chart is below. The light blue line is the prediction of unemployment without the bailout, the dark blue line was the justification for the bailout:

Political Climate and Ground

User bernd.schwieren asks:

Gary, in a political competition, how would you define ground and climate?

The ground is where you fight and what you fight for. It is the source of all resources. In an election, this means that it the support of the electorate (financial and otherwise) and, in the end, their votes. As Sun Tzu said, the ground can be divided in an infinite number of ways and Sun Tzu's strategy is probably 80% about ways of finding leverage on the ground.

All SOSI publications to be translated into Arabic

Friday 22, 2009: Cleabridge Publishing, the publishing company that publishes that Science of Strategy Institute's work, signed an agreement with Librairie du Liban Publishers in Lebanon granting them rights to translate all SOSI books into Arabic for distribution throughout the Middle East. According to the terms of the agreements, translation will start immediately, with the goal of releasing all fifteen titles before the end of the year.

Classic Overreaction to Environmental Vulnerability.

Last week our Today's Article on Warrior's Rules (TAOSR) program explained the principles regarding the defense and exploitation of environmental vulnerabilities. The basis principle is that we must know how to defend against the five kinds of challenges that these vulnerabilities create (S-RULE 9.4), specifically the rule about avoiding an over-reaction (S-RULE 9.4.2).

Misconceptions about Sun Tzu and Good Strategy

This article about the current financial crisis brilliant summarizes the skepticism about Sun Tzu in this quote from Lorelei Gilmore, a fictional character on the long-running “Gilmore Girls” sitcom:

“It’s a classic Sun Tzu ‘Art of War’ maneuver. If you’re being attacked from the east, attack whoever’s to your west, and you were the west. I never read the book. It’s full of crap like that.”


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