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Boxing, Sun Tzu, and how to survive the economic down-turn

Boxing, war, and modern business... what do these three activities have in common? The obvious answer is that all three take place in competitive environments in which there will be clear winners. Sun Tzu's treatise "The Art of War" not only describes these environments, but also asserts a way to win and analytical method to predict a winner. Once one understands these predictable outcomes, then positioning oneself to be the winner becomes easy.

What is a warrior?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on what makes a person a "warrior"

Is it the ability to fight?

Is the the ability to destroy your opponents and take their money?

Is it something else?

I'll be contemplating the issue today... and will post tonight. I just want to appeal to this brilliant group of people.

Shawn Frost-MBA- CEO The Warrior Academy

VOTE EARLY... well, kinda.

Please help out with some research I'm conducting on behalf of the Institute. Go to the Leadership group and vote to rank the leadership traits as you see them.

We want to know what is important in a leader! Cast your vote early.


"I am Shawn Frost, and I endorse this pleading"

Obama displays how to use emotion in a negotiation- Sun Tzu style

When engaged in a negotiation, emotion plays a clear role. Debates are a form of negotiation. In the 3rd and final debate of this presidential season we see this dynamic at work. Sun Tzu spoke to dealing with opposing generals according to their weaknesses. John McCain is by his own accord a "fighter" and a "maverick". Is this a strength? Yes, and no.

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