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Emotion in Competition

In this long review of Sherman's Stoic Warriors, the insights of the reviewer seem much more relevant than those of the book, especially regarding our culture losing its capability to fight. In both cases, however, I am shocked that neither the reviewer nor the author seems to address the central issue regarding emotions in battle: their effect on decision-making.

The New Democrat Slogan: Denounce Your Friends

China's Mao turned the concept of denouncing others as a new basis for organizing society. Though the idea had been road tested by Hitler and Stalin, it really came into its own during Mao's Cultural Revolution. The idea was to force people into pressuring their neighbors and citizens into towing the Party line. Those who were not sufficiently energetic in publicly denouncing others made themselves targets for being publically denounced themselves. This was a great strategy for leveraging the dictatorial power of a central government through all parts of society.

The Elites and Global Warming

"Global warming" (the political movement, not the physical fact) is quickly becoming the best possible illustration of everything that is going wrong with modern society. In a single topic, it encapsulates:
  • 1. The "respect gap" between doers and talkers, best illustrated by the fact that the global warming talker-in-chief, Al Gore, is lionized in the media and Hollywood for his talk while in his personal life, he produces more carbon gas the a fire in a coal mine.

What Money Is and Isn't

In my last post, I mentioned the foolish attempt at price controls by the Thai government. In this article Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite economists, offers this simple definition of money as a system of self-rationing. He says:
Resources are limited but desires are not. That is the basic and defining problem of economics. Prices force you to limit your claims on what other people have produced to the value of what you have produced for other people.

Training in Thailand

We will be in Thailand for the next couple of weeks doing training for the Asian sales force of Nokia. Since Thailand has become another front in the Radical Muslim Terror War, I applaud Nokia for their courage in not being terrorized by terror. In talking with the national sales manager for Thailand, he points out that despite the chaos that the bombing, related political upheavals, and panic in the financial Thai markets, they have continued to grow their business and the economy has continued to grow.

Science, the State, and Your Future

Sun Tzu's strategy is a science, designed to systematically analyze the human psychology of competition. While those in the media constantly claim that science in under attack by religion, the truth is that science can never threatened by religion, that is, by what people believe. As a method, it is available to anyone who chooses to use it, regardless of belief. Instead the sciences are constantly threatened by the state, which has always sought to control people through the control of information.


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