WMDs and How People Make Good Decisions

On Meet the Press, Tim Russert asked President Bush, “But can you launch a preemptive war without iron clad, absolute intelligence that he had weapons of mass destruction?” Only people with no understanding of strategic decision-making could ask such a silly question. 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu said it clearly: you cannot know the costs of going to war and you cannot know the benefits either. Period. No one in any competitive environment has the luxury of making decisions with perfect knowledge. So how are good decision made? The problem is that most people like Mr.

It's All Greek to Me: Homeostasis versus Heterosis

A bit of rambling about language and truth: earlier, I posted an article about gay “marriage” and how it defeats the purpose of true marriage, which is heterosis, the union of two different things to make something stronger. This idea lead me to a number of thoughts about how seeking “the other” (hetero in Greek) leads to progress, satisfaction, and a more complete life while seeking “the same” (homo in Greek) leads to stagnation, unhappiness, and a less-satisfying life.


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