The Use of Climate

A Institute Member writes:

My biggest struggle is using Climate. My own prejudice gets in the way. I really hate it when I see any “sales” pitch that applies pressure to “buy now” because the sky is falling. Even when it’s true, I hate to see it used to influence or manipulate me. Therefore, I tend to soften the Climate and avoid any kind of buy now approach.

Corporate Training in Times of Economic Crisis

As we enter a period of economic crisis and challenge, the role of corporate training must change to adapt. In this article, we explore both the problems and the opportunities created by the impending economic recession for corporate training departments. If corporate training department try to continue business as usual, they will find themselves downsized and many of their trainers will find themselves out of work.

Competitive Arenas: 

The Price of Success: Why Obama Must Reverse his Positions

In my seminars, I point out that as each advance of a position creates a new set of challenges. When our dreams come true, we don't find Nirvana, but a new set of goals, a new mission. Even when you win the highest office in the land, the Presidency, the job is always just beginning. Obama now realizes this as he gets ready to assume office. Each competitive ground has its own rules. In the case of the US Presidency, the rule is that you are failure as president unless you are reelected. Your re-election is the people's one chance to vote on how good a president you have been.

Evaluting a New Position Before Moving: Example of Bad Tax Policy

Before moving to a new position, Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that you have to evaluate that position from the perspective of where it leads. The idea is that we don't want to get into a position that is either hard to defend or from which it is difficult to escape in the future. Unfortunately, in reacting to events, most people are not in the habit of thinking about the next move just getting out of their current situation. This is especially true of the political class.

Seeing Patterns: Real or Imaginary?

Human beings are wired to find patters, but unfortunately, we can see patterns even where they do not exist. A recent study in Science magazine demonstrates the people imagine patterns even where there are none, especially in times of stress. Like all of science, Sun Tzu's strategy uses patterns, models, for making decisions about the chaotic information in the environment, but these models have been proven over 2,500 years in the most unforgiving environment of all: the life and death struggles of war.


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