Piercing Reality

What is real is your life is the people you see, the places you visit, the stuff you do, the things you say, and the thoughts you have. What is fake is the illusion of "television perspective," that there is a bigger, more important reality out there somewhere.

Strategy and Cancer

A reader asks:

Could you tell me how did you use strategy for healing yourself from cancer. Thank you, Wichai B.

First, it would be inaccurate to say that I "healed myself" with strategy. I used the principles of strategy to make good choices that have allowed me to survive. I cover this topic in the new video/audio seminar I am currently editing, but since this experience inspired me to offer my books to a larger audience (outside the corporate world), others may find it of interest.

A Strategy Book on Politics

Are reader asks:
When can we expect your book on Sun Tzu and political strategy?
My policy in general is not to write a book, which I charge for, about anything that I don't have years of successful experience in doing. In technical terms, if I don't know the ground, the climate, etc. I really can't in justice to a book. Though I am working on such a book, I would like to get more experience in that area and ideally find a co-author that is a successful politician or campaign adviser.

The Elites and Global Warming

"Global warming" (the political movement, not the physical fact) is quickly becoming the best possible illustration of everything that is going wrong with modern society. In a single topic, it encapsulates:
  • 1. The "respect gap" between doers and talkers, best illustrated by the fact that the global warming talker-in-chief, Al Gore, is lionized in the media and Hollywood for his talk while in his personal life, he produces more carbon gas the a fire in a coal mine.

Move Your Men, but Not into Enemy Forces

The great competitive moves are not confrontations that result in expensive battles, but manuevers that go around the competition. One good example is the recent release of Nintendo's WII game console. While Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 go after the same customer, Nintendo is pioneering new niches such as the older people who don't normally play games. This is great example of a non-intuitive move using Sun Tzu's principle of reversal. Video games are for young people? Okay, sell to old people!

Beware of the Cost of "Peace" in Your Life

Sun Tzu taught that the core of any strategic position is its philosophy. For an individual, your philosophy includes what you see as the meaning, purpose, and rules of your life. For an organization, this shared sense of meaning, purpose and rules brings people together into a shared goal. Clear, strong philosophies that reflect the proven principles of human progress are the basis for both personal and organizational success. The willingness to abandon a philosophy for short-term, "practical" reasons almost always results in disaster in one form or another.

Positions Must Be Advanced

Sun Tzu taught that all strategic positions by their very nature decay over time. This means they must be constantly advanced to remain viable. I have made this point too many times in this blog to link to, and, in some sense, perhaps every post since "improving position" is the whole purpose of strategy. I was pleased to see Instapundit make exactly the same point in his recent point about the "surge" in Iraq.


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