1.6.1 Shared Mission

Principles describing why and how missions are shared.

Ann Quindlen and the Failure of the Mainstream Media

A recent column by Ann Quindlen called "Follow the Leader" seems a great illustration of why the mainstream media is going bankrupt. Quindlen has written a long time for Newsweek, a dinosaur that is on its last legs. Her thesis here is that America's unhappiness with Obama arises because we are too confused to understand complex issues. Her writing then goes on to demonstrate that Ms. Quindlen is too confused to understand the simplest issues.

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John Allison, BB&T Bank, and Moral Philosophy

Good strategy is based on a shared mission. In Sun Tzu's strategy, a philosophy is a set of higher values. Businesses always forget that the highest missions are based on a moral philosophy.  This is the story of  John Allison, the longtime CEO and current Chairman of the Board for BB&T Bank.  National Review did a story on how his philosophy allowed his bank to stay out of the troubles most finanicial institutions got into during the sub-prime and bailout eras.  Quoting from it:

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