Business Application of Sun Tzu

Dr. Gene Colombini writes:

I am reading an excellent translation of Sun Tzu Art of War, but I can not translate it or apply it to business. Are there any writings or translations of his works for business.

I agree that Sun Tzu's Art of War can seem difficult to apply when you are simply reading a translation. The problem is that all translations are made to emphaze the "warlike" aspect of these teachings rather than the more generic concept. of the ancient Chinese. I first got interested in Sun Tzu because I found these ideas worked so well in busines and the majority of the Institute's catalog is devoted to applying Sun Tzu’s strategic system to business. Most of my strategy books have won awards in various business categories (business, business breakthrough, career, etc.).

Though in putting together our Strategic-Book of Knowedge we discuss Sun Tzu's strategy very generically so people can apply it to their specific problems. I have found that the more specific the application, the easier these lessons are to understand. In our Sales Warrior, Management Warrior, Business Warrior, Marketing, Career, and other books, the design is doing a side-by-side adaptation, adapting each line to sales, management, marketing and so on problems.