Chicken Little Media

As we approach a "three-week early" daylight saving change,; the chicken little media says it threatens another Y2K bug. Huh? Has it been so long ago that we have forgotten than the panic over the Y2K bug was nothing but another Chicken Little drill? Nothing happened, remember? Remember? Just like nothing happened over the last thousand other media panics, both big and small.

Of course, some of these panics have been very deadly. The panic that led to the outlawing of DDT has killed 25 million people, mostly in Africa from malaria, but as Sun Tzu teaches, it is the reaction to the panic, not the panic itself that kills people. It wasn't until this year that the ban has been relax, largely because the eco-Nazis have a better panic to promote: global warming. We have known for twenty years that the science behind Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was bogus, but that didn't stop the "consensus science" from being taught to school children for fifty years.

I am always curious who remembers the panic once the media finally says, "Never mind!" Does anyone remember the sound and the fury signifying nothing? Recently silicone breast implants were declared safe after years of being outlawed because of a media panic. Does anyone even recall that panic? Also, is it my imagination, or are most of these panics aimed at scaring women? Women live much longer than men, but it seems as though the news prefers dangers that target women or children. Of course, the most

Panics make great fodder not only for new organizations and non-governmental activists groups, but politicians as well, who get to pass new laws to protect people from fictitious dangers. Of course, these laws actually hurt people because they divert tax money from real needs, but that doesn't matter. I didn't see any apologies from politicians to the millions who have died unnecessarily in Africa, did you?

Speaking of panic, a Canadian paper did a great series about the "global warming deniers," which ends up pointing out all the logical holes in this most current and most important and most sancrosanct of all panics. Hat tip to the Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid for links.

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