Congressional Healthcare Battle: Links to Lessons about Creating Conflict

Strategy teaches that creating conflict is too costly to make long-term strategic success possible (3.1.3 Conflict Cost). We can see the dimensions of this problem in battle created in the current health care bill (aka Obamacare). If the health care bill "wins" this battle, the most likely losers in the next election are those supporting it. In this battle, we can see all the distorting aspects of conflict:

Creating more opposition (See David Harsanyi in Denver Post)

Wasting limited resources (See Michael Gerson in Wash Post)

Losing contact with your opponents' position (See Ron Smith in Balt Sun)

Demonizing the opposition making yourself look demonic (See Krugman charging racism in NYT)

Creating contradictory position hoping to win broader support (See Ramesh Ponnuru in Time magazine)