The Doers vs. Talkers: Who You Can Trust?

The bureaucracies of the world transformed the word “strategy,” into a new discussion point. I sometimes feel like a voice in the wilderness explaining that strategy is not about what you think; it is about how you act. For those who understand strategy, the term “strategic planning” is a non-sequitur. Sun Tzu's strategy is about positioning, that is moving, not planning, that is talking. I do not teach strategy to create a new generation of talkers, but to create a new generation of more effective doers. Instapundit points to this post about the division between thinkers (really, talkers, that is, the media and academics) and doers (business people) at Davos. It discusses how the thinkers are gloomier than they have ever been while the doers are the most optimistic. As we have discussed before, thinkers are only rewarded by creating crises that they can study and discuss. Meanwhile, the doers are increasing the productivity and wealth of the whole world at a fantastic rate. The progress transforming the huge populations of China, India, Brazil, and Russia into more productive citizens is the miracle of our age. The idea expressed here that the talkers make the world a better place by highlighting the most world's serious problems is simply wrong. The most savage atrocities in the world are regularly ignored by the media. Instead, it focuses on relatively trivial issues that appeal to its “talker” mindset. Tens of millions of innocent human beings have been killed during the last several decades in Russia, China, Korea, Asia, and Africa with nary a sustained murmur from the talkers. While the media worries about baby seals, millions more are dying today with nary a murmur. In a second article, the Speculist offers examples to support his “shaving violence” theory. These examples read like a parody of tunnel vision. The book, Silent Spring” is applauded, but the lies in Silent Spring killed tens of millions, mostly children, in Africa from malaria because it led to a unnecessary and now, thankfully reversed, ban on DDT. Then we get examples from how many fewer people are killed in the military in recent wars. The larger truth is that, yes, we have saved tens of thousand of military lives by scaling back war, but at the expense of million of innocent civilians lives throughout the world, who have died at the hands of tyrants because we did not finish our wars in Korean, Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq and elsewhere. His nextexample, the civilian deaths from the Dresden bombing were nothing compared to civilian death orchestrated by Hilter, who those bombing helped to defeat. And the horrors Hilter were easily surpassed by those of Stalin, Mao, Pot Pol, most recently Kim Il Jong. His final example, one that really pushes the article to a parody, is male circumcision, as he applauds its decline, despite the fact that every bit of science we have indicates that circumcision dramatically reduces venereal infections, including HIV. Again, it is better in the talkers' fevered mind that millions die from disease rather than a baby have a moment of productive pain. Talkers avert their eyes from any situation that requires action. They want to pretend that all the world needs is more talk. Unfortunately, the real problems of the world do not require more talk, they require action. They require the destruction of tyrants and killers by doers in the military who are willing to die for a better world. They require economic production by entrepreneurs who are willing to risk their personal wealth in order to win the economic rewards of creating a new and better world. If you have a choice between putting your fate in the hand of talkers or doers, choose the doers.