Audio Golden Key to Strategy Training

Price: $29.99

This is a 7 1/2 hour downloadable audio course based on the Golden Key to Strategy: 101 Lessons in Winning Small Victories Every Day. This is our latest and most advanced material on learning Sun Tzu's strategic system in non-warlike terms. You can purchase the companion ebook here or in paperback  at Amazon (click here for B&Wversion or  click here for full-color version).  This audio course consists of over a hundred audio lessons, most of them between four and five minutes longs, with a half-dozen summary lessons that are only about two minutes long. These lessons cover all the information in the book. They are read by Gary Gagliardi in a way that should make it easier to understand them. 

To hear a sample of the audio, click below. 

This audio course has been designed to be used in conjunction with a certification training course that we are developing. 

This item allows you to download a compressed file (.zip) of the lessons in the book. After purchasing this file, the file will appear in under the Files tab of your user directory (click on your user name in right-hand column above).   If you unzip the downloaded file into any Music or audio directory, the lessons will appear under the Artist, Gary Gagliardi, and album, Golden Key to Strategy. They are organized so that they will play in order.