The Elites and Global Warming

"Global warming" (the political movement, not the physical fact) is quickly becoming the best possible illustration of everything that is going wrong with modern society. In a single topic, it encapsulates:
  • 1. The "respect gap" between doers and talkers, best illustrated by the fact that the global warming talker-in-chief, Al Gore, is lionized in the media and Hollywood for his talk while in his personal life, he produces more carbon gas the a fire in a coal mine.
  • 2. The claim of moral superiority of elites (the insiders versus outsiders) who use their “work” to curtail the freedom of others as a justification for their own special privileges.
  • 3. The confusion of government with God as the source of all power. If we don’t bow to government controlling every aspect of our work and play, we are all doomed.
  • 4. The media filtering information to promote their political points of view, hyping all the news the supports their view and suppressing information that invalidates it.
  • 5. The hatred of free economic activity because the free choices of free people don’t agree with the choices that elites would impose upon them for their own good.
  • 6. The hatred of economic progress as destroying some mythical, pastoral, idyllic life that the elites pretend existed (or could have existed) some time in the past.
  • 7. The anti-American war in which America, as the leader of progress and economic activity is somehow destroying the world by making people richer.
In the end, if global warming didn't exist, the elites would have to invent it.