Fake Sun Tzu and China's Plot to Destroy the U.S.

Came across this article in the Economic Policy Journal entitled Is China Executing a Cunning Sun Tzu Strategy to Destroy the Dollar and Cause an Upward Price Explosion in Gold?

Like so many articles, it completely misstates  Sun Tzu's philosophy. In this case, it confuses Sun Tzu with the work of Harro von Senger in a book called Thirty-Six Strategems. In that work, the German author who selected ideas from the vast array of Chinese philosophy and attached "fortune cookie" language to them to make them seem more authentically "Chinese." While a few of its ideas can be traced directly to Sun Tzu (4: Awaiting at one’s ease the exhausted enemy), as is often the case, many of them are reversed. In my opinion, the work is largely a clumsy attempt to manufacture history since it was first "discovered" only in 1941.

While a real analysis of China's monetary policy regarding US Treasuries, gold, and our building financial crisis from the perspective of Sun Tzu is interesting, such a work should not be undertaken lightly. The central thesis of Sun Tzu, that is, winning without direct battle, is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture.