The New Democrat Slogan: Denounce Your Friends

China's Mao turned the concept of denouncing others as a new basis for organizing society. Though the idea had been road tested by Hitler and Stalin, it really came into its own during Mao's Cultural Revolution. The idea was to force people into pressuring their neighbors and citizens into towing the Party line. Those who were not sufficiently energetic in publicly denouncing others made themselves targets for being publically denounced themselves. This was a great strategy for leveraging the dictatorial power of a central government through all parts of society. Of course, the wide-spread policy of publicly denouncing people was simply a prelude to marginalizing individuals and entire segments of the population so that the state could take away their freedom. Of course, the Democrats rightfully objected to this mindset when it was used by Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy was right about many aspects of the danger of Communism, but he lost the American people when he began to demand that Americans denounce one another in his hearings. Of course, that was back when I appreciated the courage of Democrats in standing up to this fascism. Unfortunate, now the jack boot is on the other foot. How things change. Today's Democrats demand people to denounce others at the drop of the hat. First we had Hillary asking Obama to denounce the former-Hillary supporter Geffen when Geffen expressed his opinion about her. Now, we have Dean demanding the Republicans in general denounce Ann Coulter for using the word, "faggot," to describe Edwards. Expect this call for denunciations to be amplified in the Chicken Little media. After all, public denunciations make great television, don't they? Any day now, you should expect newscasters to start throwing mud on anyone who doesn't denounce anyone who crosses the strict boundaries of political correctness. We have already seen this trend on campuses with their increasing enforcements of "speech codes." As elites, the media loves to take its intellectual cues from academia. UPDATE: And the denuciations poor in. This is why I am not a Republican. Why can't anyone just stand up for free speech, no matter how stupid? Why can't people say that Americans don't "denounce" one another for their speech? We should let the people decide. All of these candidate bow to the media, which is why I am for Fred Thompson , who isn't even running (good strategy this early in campaign) on the Republican side (and Richardson on the Democrat). Maybe some high-profile blog will call attention to this trend toward calls for denuciation and work to stop it.