The Original Chinese

A reader writes:

May I assume that Gary read Sun-tzu in the original classical Chinese?

I have been working with Sun Tzu so long, it seems I forget to restate the most important fundamental point. Not only have I read the original Chinese, but I have provided a transliteration of the complete Chinese in parallel with my English sentence translation. This transliteration shows each original Chinese character with a single word translation next to it. The work includes an extensive glossary explaining the Sun Tzu's specific use of the key Chinese characters. This is the only award-winning English translation of Sun Tzu, it is also the only English translation that is used as the basis for translations into other languages because of the years of linguistic research that went into creating it.

Though I created this version to highlight the formulaic (rather than prose) nature of the original Chinese, it enables those who would not normally be have access to the Chinese to compare the original text with other English translations. Unlike my English version, which you can see follows the original Chinese phrase-by-phrase, most translations leave out sections of the original (because they are based incomplete original texts), mix in the translator's commentary/explanations with what is translated, and make obvious translations errors such as confusing the current meaning of certain characters with their ancient meaning in Sun Tzu's era, which often reverses Sun Tzu's statements. All of my adaptations of Sun Tzu's work to specific competitive areas are made from the original Chinese formulas. This may be why virtually all my new books win award-recognition in their particular field, not because I am particularly brilliant but because I am completely faithful to Sun Tzu's original Chinese formulas. No English translation can capture all the shades of meaning in the original Chinese and in doing these adaptations I can highlight different aspects of the original. If you want to know more about my translation and seen an example of this work, use this link.