The Price of Success: Why Obama Must Reverse his Positions

In my seminars, I point out that as each advance of a position creates a new set of challenges. When our dreams come true, we don't find Nirvana, but a new set of goals, a new mission. Even when you win the highest office in the land, the Presidency, the job is always just beginning. Obama now realizes this as he gets ready to assume office. Each competitive ground has its own rules. In the case of the US Presidency, the rule is that you are failure as president unless you are reelected. Your re-election is the people's one chance to vote on how good a president you have been. And, because, according to traditional strategic theory, all competitive environment consist of balancing forces of complementary opposites, Obama has begun to realize that maintain his position, he will have to reverse himself in many areas:

1. Obama must now maintain, as McCain did, that the economy is fundamentally sound because it cannot recover until people regain their confidence in it. One of the best opportunities that Obama has here is to use the Media, which couldn't find any positive news during the Bush boom years, which will now promote every slight improvement as the Obama Miracle.

2. Obama must now fight against an dominant Democratic Congress. Clinton was reelected largely because his Democratic Congress, which had almost the exact margin of power Obama has, was overturned after two years. Carter's Democratic Congress maintained power in the off-year election and that meant that Carter lost his reelection bid.

3. Obama must now champion many aspects of the Patriot Act that he once vocally opposed. While he may take some cosmetic actions, such as shutting down Guantanamo, if any terrorist action takes place after curtailing any serious aspect of the Patriot Act, Obama know he cannot be reelected.