Recognizing Limiting Situations

Do you recognize a limiting situation and know how to manage it? One of the nine common strategic situation, a limiting position is vulnerable because it depends on a limited base of support. You move into a limiting position only when you have no other option AND you can keep your situation a secret because limiting positions are easy to attack. For example, the Democrats recently agreed to a gay debate, hosted by and for the gay communitee. Because the gay community represents a very narrow base of interests, the candidates are all putting themselves unknowingly into a limiting position. Is this absolutely necessary? I don't think that the gay community holds the balance of power in the Democratic nomination, but perhaps I am wrong. However, since the candidate cannot keep this secret, they should have avoided the venue. It opens them to too many easy attacks. What would those attacks look like? All you have to do is point out that the same candidates are not offering to attend a specific debate on black issues or immigration issues or union issues. All of these other groups are traditional Democratic supporters as wll and are less than supportive of the gay cause. Though Democrats may be able to take the black vote for granted, but they have lost the immigration and union vote to various degrees in the past and lost Presidential elections because of it. By positioning the gay community as the preferred special interest group, the Democrats are creating unnecessary problems for themselves in the general election. It is not like the gay community is going to vote Democratic, but these other groups are all larger and well could if they feel that Democrats give a higher priority to the gay social agenda.