Reid's Bill and Napoleon's March on Moscow

As its popularity declines dramatically, the Senate Democratic leadership is poised to press on to get any health care bill passed quickly at any cost, I am reminded of Napoleon's famous march on Moscow. Minard made a famous map of that march illustrating exactly what happened. I have recreated that map showing Reid's March on Health Care (larger version here).

Napoleon amassed a huge European army for his March on Moscow, hoping that its size would enable him to win a quick victory before winter set in. We are seeing Senator Reid using the same strategy assembling a huge bill for his large majority of senators, pushing a quick passage before public opinion could stop it.

However, Russia wouldn't fight Napoleon's army, instead worked to slow down its march, buying time for the winter to do its work. This has also been the strategy of the health bills opponents, simply slowing it down with issue after issue related to cost, the public option, medicare, and abortion. Each step bleeds away the size of the bill.

As history teaches us, even though Napoleon won Moscow, he low the war, having to retreat and eventually losing his whole empire. I predict that, whether or not Reid gets his bill passed, his future and Democratic control of Congress will meet the same fate.

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