Script From A Video I Made

This Series Is a series where we contrast Sun Tzu's definition of words, with our normal vocabulary. this is one way it makes it harder to read The Art of War, or understand what Sun Tzu is saying, because we assume that he used his words like we would. It is surprising to know just how specific, and consistent he used his words.

In This first video, we explore the differences between the following:







These are According to the definitions set by SOSI (The Science of Strategy Institute)

Strategy in our language is somewhat complex and hard to define. the basic idea of strategy though would be to achieve a certain result, or as in the Greek: "the thinking of a general"

Sun Tzu defines Strategy as:

1: a set of rules for making decisions about whatever situation arises. this means that when trained in Sun Tzu's approach to strategy, we are trained on Rules based on his principles to help us out even in absolute chaos, by seeing opportunities in our problems or situations.
2. a method of making decisions affecting our external positioning, rather than internal operations. All that means, that in strategy we make decisions that improve others perception of us, and our relationships with others. When making friends, Strategy helps us develop new friends, while planning helps us satisfy our friendship with those we already know.
3. A system for making decisions about condidions to advance our relative positions. during a soccer or football game, there are numerous situations, changes, surprises, that make chaos. strategy helps us make good decisions despite all this.

Attack, battle, fight, and competitions kinda mean the idea of conflict when we use it. think of the times you might have used or heard these words or have read them in books, like the Bible.

Sun Tzu said that all these words are different. and only conflict is strategically bad.

basically, conflict is bad because it takes way more effort to achieve our goals, or fill opportunities, by getting in a conflict. Like the teacher who keeps nagging at the sleeping kid in class to wake up, and him then argue and cop an attitude, getting them and the teacher mad, dragging all this out more than it has to.

an attack is simply a movement out of our territory into a new one. like when we walk out the door, or say hi to someone we havent met yet, or first get to a party.

a battle is basically when 2 or more people competing, meet. when its Pierce v.s. Atco, in football or soccer, it is still a battle because we are comparing the 2 teams, and only one will win. when selling something, the customer will make their mind one way, or another on which brand of cereal they might buy.

a fight is when you put your resources to overcome challenges, for example, i wrote a script before putting this video up. i had no idea what to say on the fly, so i used my time, energy, skill, etc. into writing a script. It could be better, but i can only know how, if peolple tell me.

Competition is choosing between different positions to take, which opportunites to fill, and being compared to others. in a club at school, we decide what mission we want to support, what our goals are... we can also choose to do a car wash or sell Chicken dinners. and finally, every person who can support our club, has the choice between us, and the other clubs.

Warrior's Rules: