Strategy Journal



The Strategy Journal is the Institute's regular publication on the principles of Sun Tzu's strategy. Most of the public information and group focused information appears first as an article in the Strategy Journal. Access to Strategy Journal articles is limited to members of the Institute.

NOTE: Currently, the Strategy Journal is in hiatus due to the Today's Article on Sun Tzu's Rules (TAOSR) program. In this program, all new articles document the principles in our Sun Tzu's Play Book (S-RULE) and are being filed in its outline hierarchy. When every principle in The Play Book has been documented, new articles will again be published to the Journal, but keyed to The Play Book structure for training purposes.

Articles in the Strategy Journal are written by our Masters and other members. They include a range of material from academic papers on strategy to selections from upcoming books. Selections from the our Book of Knowledge are also initially publishing in the Strategy Journal.

The Strategy Journal is published electronically. This publication includes news about Institute developments, but consists mostly of articles on the application of traditional strategy drawn. This is information that you cannot get anywhere else.

Originally, the Journal was published every two weeks, but now articles can appear at any time in the current journal, but they are archive monthly.

If you are a Full Institute Member, you get access to the Strategy Journal and its past articles as part of your membership. As an Associate Member, you get access only to the current articles.

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